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Fleet Wash Service

As you know, your vehicles are moving advertisements for your business. But, if your vehicles are not clean, they may not be sending the message that you want. Through regular pressure cleaning of your fleet, you can keep your customers focused on your business' message instead of the dirt and grime on your vehicles.

If you own a fleet of vehicles, whether its tractors and trailers, vans, buses or cars, then you know how hard it is to keep them looking good. It takes a lot of time and money, running to the local full service car or truck wash. At the same time, if you buy a pressure washer and chemicals and hire someone to wash the vehicles for you, you've just tied up a lot of money. Oh!, let's not forget the repair cost and replacing what employees tear up. About the time your employee is just starting to do a decent job, he up and quits on you. Leaving you to hire and train another employee, so you do not need to hire employees to wash the vehicles, let Summer Shine Mobile Auto Detail come to you and wash or detail your fleet.

Summer Shine Mobile Auto Detail has a variety of cleaning alternatives for you!

We specialize in fast, efficient, affordable cleaning services for corporate fleets. We offer a multitude of service options for your vehicles. Some of these are as follows:

  • Express Pressure Wash (Exterior Only): We’ll pressure wash and dry (No Detailed) The Vehicle will be back on the road within 20 minutes from start to finish.
  • Interior Express: Vacuum carpet and seats, wipe down/dust interior and clean windows inside and finish with air freshener
  • Regular Exterior Wash: Hand wash vehicle, microfiber hand dry finish or blowed, clean windows outside, bug removal, clean and dress wheels, wheel housingand tires.
  • Full Detail Service (Interior and Exterior): (Interior) Vacuum carpet and seats, clean or remove any stubborn stains, Shampoo Carpet and Seat, wipe down/dust interior including the driver position (Bus), clean windows inside and finish with air freshener (new car scent or other). (Exterior) Hand wash vehicle, microfiber hand dry finish or blowed including door jambs, clean windows outside, bug removal, clean and dress wheels, wheel housingand tires. Wax and Polish. We also provide minor scratch removal on the outside whenever it is needed, and clean the engine.

***Free Demostration: The amount charged (30 % off from Regular Price) for this demostration job will be acredited to your account, if you contract our services, it will be acredited in the first invoice.Pablo montoya truck

All of our services are designed around the needs of your corporate fleet. We can service your fleet during our normal operating hours or we can arrange special times after hours that may better suit your schedule. If you have 24 hour crews, we can schedule on a 24 hour basis to cater to their needs.

Establishing a corporate account costs you nothing and you are under no obligation to use our services. Our prices range based on volume, special services, etc. If you establish a corporate account with us, we can bill you weekly based on usage via e-mail, fax or regular mail. Just send us an Email :

Please include in your request the following data, in order to give you the best price:

1-Total number of vehicles.(Make, Model and Length in feet)

2-Number of vehicles to wash per day (approximately)

3-Commonly services needed. (See above or Car Wash & Auto Detail Sections)

4-Frequency of services for each vehicle (Daily, Weekly, biweekly or Monthly)

5-Services Schedule (Day shift, night shift or any time?)

6-If you need a permanent crew(s) in the Yard?

7-If you want to sign a contract or just verbal agreement?

8-Form of payment (Cash, Check, Credit or Debit Cards, Transfer, Others)

9-When do you expect the job will start?

10-Who is going to provide the water and the electricity, you or us?

11-The cleaning will occur mostly at night or during the day?

12-If vehicles have to be drove, who is going to do,? (your or our driver)

13-Do you need some special requirements for this purpose?

14-Number of Location(1, 2 or more)?

For your convenience,

  • We are licensed.
  • We are insured.
  • We are Certified and Experienced Professional Detailers.
  • We accept all form of payment (Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, and Invoices)
  • We use quality products and reliable equipments.
  • We can carry with our own water and electricity.
  • We have great prices.
  • We are Dependable and Reputable.

Common Vehicle Types for Fleet Washing

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